Monday, 1 October 2012

Maternity Leave Joys

Hey all, I have not been feeling myself at all lately. Least of all because of the jumble of emotions I am feeling every day (3 weeks to go now!) because of lack of sleep etc. I swear I get no sleep these days, I am up through the night so many times to visit the loo ( I can manage in the dark now without even opening my eyes!) OH and so annoying, the only time my boyfriend then puts the toilet seat down is at night!?? WHY BOTHER??? And he does it even though I tell him DON'T! Its now a habit with him.. Nobody wants to head to the toilet, with their eyes still closed, pull down their pants, and hit the cold toilet lid! That wakes you up right there!

Then, aside from frequent toilet visits, I sometimes get woken up and wonder, 'Hey, why am I awake?' and I think 'Do I need a pee? hmmm No' and I realise, someone else has woken up. The baby! By now I have learned to deal with it, switch the light on and grab a book. At the moment its Game Of Thrones, 21 days to go and I reckon I will have read the whole trilogy by the time she arrives. Good book by the way. She decides to wake up at the same times every night now so I am getting used to it, and hope that when she's here she can keep that pattern.
I hope to co-sleep with her so she can breastfeed at night, and I won't miss feeling her close by as well. My boyfriend is against this as he thinks he will roll over her, but I tell him she will be on my side anyway, far away from him.

Today I just had to say something about it all as I feel awful, have had a headcold and stomach bug for a couple of weeks now and I hope she doesn't decide to appear early as I want to be well over this. Right now it really doesn't help trying to sleep with a banging sore head and churning stomach.

AND... I have been nesting since like JUNE! Its not gone away, the whole house is transformed and I can't see there being a limit to what I want to do. Right now I am working on sewing up some cushions. But then the sewing machine I borrowed from my boyfriends mum decided to not work for me and in my sleep deprived way I just decided to go buy a new one today.

Please wish me luck, I want to get these cushions sewed asap and I am determined the living room will all match and be tastefully decadent by the time my baby decides to make her appearance.

Enough said. Here's a cute picture. 

Maggie the cat curled in a ball this morning
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