Saturday, 31 May 2014

Saturday Fun In The Sun and Freshly Picked Moccasins Giveaway Winner!!

I woke up this morning at 7.30am, pulled back the curtains, saw the brilliant blue sky and knew it was going to be a great day. My Mum and I had planned to go to a country park near where we live called Polkemmot Country Park. They just happened to sell the same cupcakes as were made for Harvey Nicholls (not that I have been researching or anything!) called White Tower Cupcakes, cheaper than what they sell them at HN's for and I can honestly say, just as good!

I really wasn't anticipating much else from the place cos I'm such a prego monster and only came for the grub, but it really was great fun for all of us.

I took along a picnic and typically Eva was far too busy playing in the sand to be bothered about it. However all the playing did tire her out and we walked her in the pram for ages around the beautiful park and she dropped off for her nap at the usual time, just after 1pm, thankfully. She then woke at quarter to 3 eager to go again! At this point we had arrived back at the gift shop, on the sign it said 'BEWARE: BABY OWL LOOSE IN THE SHOP'.

Sure enough, there he was, a 6 week old baby owl hiding behind an arrangement of cards! Eva was all 'ooh' and 'wow' and started making 'hoot hoo' noises at him. hahaha, such a cutie. You make me complete Eva Joy.

Also, I am so excited to announce the Freshly Picked Moccasins Giveaway winner!

Congratulations Tanya, please get in touch to claim your moccasins! 

Friday, 30 May 2014

26 Weeks Pregnant with Baby Number 2!

My bad, actually 25 + 3 here!

26 weeks pregnant with Eva

How far along? 26 weeks and 2 days!

Total weight gain/measurements: No idea, no point keeping track of my baby weight gain. I still fit into my regular size 16 maternity clothes.

Maternity clothes: all the time, though still wearing normal leggings occasionally, they do slide down though!

Stretch marks: My old ones are really itchy, I'm using Palmers Cocoa Butter at least twice a day on my stomach and hips, boobs if I remember too. A few days ago, I noticed a nice new blue slight vein on my stomach. I don't remember having that the last time?
Sleep: OK, getting up at least once a night with Isla waking up and kicking my bladder sending me for a trip to the loo. Luckily, Martin and I swapped sides of the bed so I am closer to our bedroom door. Which is also good because we plan to sidecar our cot and his side had the most space ;)
Best moment this week: Martin got an A in his final exam for his HNC in mechanical engineering. I am so proud! Then, that night he picked up a pre-owned estate car, very much needed for the double buggy and loads more space for shopping too!

Just yesterday, I received part of the baby gift to give to Eva from Isla, and for Isla from Eva. I still plan to get Eva a big sister tote bag and fill it with goodies from her little sister for when she is born so Eva doesn't feel left out, and she can give her little sister some gifts too.
This was a total bargain as some of the 'big sister' tops I have seen are quite expensive. 
Eva's 'big sister' top is age 2-3 and cost £5. 
Isla's 'I love my big sister' bodysuit is 0-3month and was £5! 

Miss anything? Not really, I love being pregnant. I am gutted that my bumpfit aquanatal class wasn't on on Monday, as the lady who runs it has fractured her elbow. Get well Fiona!

Movement: Loads, whenever I relax. I try to relax often during the day so baby gets a chance to wake then and not at night. In my hypnobirthing book it mentions when you are relaxed baby has more opportunity to move about.

Food cravings: Its terrible, I want to eat junk food like chocolate all the time. I normally never but it and still don't if I'm out but  at least a few times a week I am indulging. My last fave was Green and Black Organic Milk Chocolate.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.

Gender: Girl.

Labour signs: None.
Symptoms: Stretch marks, occasional heartburn if I eat spicy food or citrus, slight back ache at times, swollen ankles and hands, tiredness, dry eyes (can't really wear contacts :( ) 

Belly button in or out? In, doubt it will pop. 
Wedding rings on or off? off, fat, swollen fingers lol!
Happy or moody most of the time: Generally happy, though I feel I am nesting lately so things are making me more emotional because their not done. 
Looking forward to: Cinema this evening with Martin to see Edge of Tomorrow while my Mum babysits Eva. Then off to Polkemmot park with my Mum and Eva tomorrow which will be lovely as its meant to be 17c, and trust me that's hot enough for a pregnant lady! 
Also meeting with some lovely Doula ladies next week to support me in my birth, more on that soon!

What are your plans for the weekend? I would love to read some other blogs too so please share any that you have. 


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

DIY Studded Toddler Jeans

So, Eva's cold has gotten a little worse today so I thought we should stay in and take it easy today. Plus I felt I was maybe getting it myself which is even worse as I'm 26 weeks pregnant today and have a sick child to look after as it is, think that would be much worse!

We had lots of cuddles this morning and then I remembered that I had been wanting to stud some of Eva's clothes a while ago. I'm a bit of a fan of the rock chick look anyway and did her jumper last year after doing my own inspired by this post. 

Studded Jumper
What you need

  • Here are the tools required. I used a pair of 18-24 month jeans that say Next on the label but are from a Jack and Jill fair yonks ago. I also did a size 2-3 darker denim pair of George jeans, also from a Jack and Jill fair. Both were probably about 50p each. I don't really spend much money on clothes as she grows out of them so fast or lately get wrecked from being outside. I really recommend NCT or Jack and Jill nearly new sales for good quality kids clothes. Eva has a beautiful wardrobe of clothes from these places. 
  • Conical studs. I got mine from ebay for £1.20.
You can stud almost any strong seam of clothing though I find jeans work really well.
I went for typical places to stud as inspired by these items.

Images from

Place the first stud on the seam, stab it through and carefully fold back the prongs with your fingers/nails or a pair of scissors.
Place the next few studs all along this seam. 
Here it is in pictures.
Finished left pocket
Conical studs
push stud through seam
back of seam
fold back prongs tightly

18-24 Next DIY Studded Jeans

Studded front pockets

Eva wearing her 18-24 month newly studded jeans, I added more studs to the bottom of the seam after this picture. I want the studs to actually show when she's wearing them. I'm really happy with how both pairs are looking. Not too bad for £2.20 in total for two pairs of jeans, huh?

Eva wearing her 2-3 year old jeans.

There's our rainy sick day antics so far, hopefully tomorrow we're both feeling better and Eva gets a chance to go out wearing her newly studded jeans at Mums and Tots, our usual Thursday gig. Ah the life of a Mum!Dad's away looking at an estate car tonight so hopefully he brings that home if he likes it, then I can worry that bit less about all the things we need to get for new baby!

If anyone has any other suggestions for clothing customization  I'm all ears, were always game to try new things here!

Remember there are only 2 days left to enter the Freshly Picked Moccasins Giveaway, I'm so glad I could share this competition with you as I love Eva's moccs so much.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Our Weekend In Pictures

Our weekend was fairly uneventful unfortunately, mainly due to the lovely Scottish weather! Daddy worked all day Saturday and I had a friend's birthday dinner to attend in the evening so Eva and I took it easy. I feel like the nesting instinct has taken over as I found myself randomly cleaning doors and dusting things I would never have bothered with before! 

Friday night was a nightmare for all of us. I'm in the process of painting a toddler bed we got free (yeah! Frugal!) from a friend and I ordered a new mattress from Mothercare for it, but I was feeling inpatient so took her cot away and left her with just the mattress. I thought it would be wise to do this, despite her new molars coming through, and she was showing signs of a cold starting on Friday. Lesson learned, Eva got up a couple of times but I escorted her back to the 'bed' and she went to sleep. No problem. I was so proud. Within a few hours though she was awake, crying, she had rolled out of bed. We gave her teetha and Calpol, juice and a feed, nothing worked. By 4am we were all shattered, Eva had woken up every hour! We put the mattress back in the cot and poor Martin who was getting up at 530am slept beside her on the floor for the remainder of the night. 
I'll continue that story next week when her mattress comes, her colds through with, and teething settles, honestly what an idiot I am for that!

Raspberry Sunrise Smoothie
I did make this beautiful smoothie while Eva napped on Saturday. Poor baby has the cold so I let her sleep for 2 hours and 40 minutes. I had intended to recreate this smoothie for a blog post but it didn't really turn out the way I'd hoped. Still tasty though! Here's how it was supposed to look. Eva fairly enjoyed hers when she woke up from her nap.

Saturday cutie pie!

Munching on Toast
 Eva went through 3 pairs of trousers on Saturday. Every time we went out to put washing out she got soaked because firstly the grass was still wet, her bike and trike outside were wet. She is pretty much the main reason I have so much washing to put out in the first place!

Oh her jumper is from hello apparel (I have the green one for myself), those leggings are from ebay but say George on the label, and we were gifted the shoes by freshly picked (giveaway still happening here until Saturday the 31st)

new ombre hair!

some of my dessert from Cosmo.
Greedy Prego Mama!!!
My kimono was on sale for £15 (see similar here)! from H&M, though I am pretty fed up with H&M at the moment, I seem to own far too much of their stuff lol!

Hope you had a lovely weekend too and I am hoping the weather clears a bit so Eva and I can get some washing done! My antenatal swimming class was cancelled for today, Monday, because the lady who runs it has fractured her elbow so I'm really not having the best day in terms of motivation and mood etc. Lets hope it passes soon!