Saturday, 5 July 2014

Our Life Lately in Pictures

It's been really nice having Martin off this week. He's been such a huge help around the house, with Eva and getting those niggly tasks done that have been bothering me for weeks. Like selling his motorbike, setting up the co-sleeper in our bedroom, re-arranging said bedroom. Despite all those mundane tasks I feel we are starting to connect again, it's been hard being pregnant and having him away working 12 hour shifts, not including the travelling time there and back. I was at the end of my tether to be honest but after a soft play session this morning, I think we're all feeling the love towards each other at least a little bit more.

I got the chance to download some of his pictures and amalgamate them with mine to share with you our life lately.

Without further ado here are our photographs!
Mum and Eva on the slide at softplay
 Eva and I on the slide at soft play this morning, highly recommend Tumbles in Portobello!
Eva on her baby einstein mat

Eva on her playmat

We got down the baby play mats from the attic in preparation for baby #2, as it was on my list of many things to wash. Eva straight away lay down on her first play mat and hasn't really wanted to get off. So sweet seeing her remember them, and she has been really good at sharing it with 'Baby', her stuffed rabbit.

Eva cleaning her trike

Eva helping daddy water the plants and cleaning her trike too.

ME now 31 weeks pregnant
I shared this one on Instagram, here I am at 31 weeks pregnant.

Eva stacking her blocks

Eva was so proud of herself for stacking her blocks on top of each other. So are we, she's coming on leaps and bounds lately.

Eva on the right watching the elephant

We went for a family day out to Blair Drummond Safari Park on Wednesday, have to say its probably a lot more suited to older kids as we dealt with tantrums most of the day from an non-complying child.

Here she is watching the elephants, seconds later she turns round to the boy in the blue coat and pokes him in the eyes.

'Eyes' she said. 

So embarrasing for us, and then having to apologise to the parents for her behaviour! I think she does it when she feels threatened, hope she stops doing it soon though.

Eva and mummy

Eva and a mum on the boat at Blair Drummond, can never get her to sit still and look at the camera for a photo.

Through the week we also went to our favourite park, Lewisvale in Musselburgh. We mainly go there because the slide is huge and its awesome for parents too. Haha. 

pregnant belly on the slide
 Spot the beachball/ beached whale on the slide??

Mum and Eva on the slide

Dear Eva,

Oh my princess, I hope you can tell we are really trying to maintain our day to day activities with you, all the while getting ready for our new arrival, your little sister. I don't always have the energy to do the things we used to and it fills me with guilt. I've been napping when you do, and having to get daddy to lift you up all the time. I can't wait to hold you when my belly isn't full, and our family will be that bit bigger

. I love you just the same as always, even though my attention is divided.

Eva and I by the car after camping

One from our camping trip the previous week.

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