Monday, 23 September 2013

So much to share but BLOGGER has been broken!

Woohoo its working again! I don't know if its because I use Blogger in Firefox but it just would not load when I tried to write a post. I did manage one day and wrote all about my new chalkboard coffee table, pictures, links and everything else and then POOF. GONE! Its enough to make a mummy cry.

Anyways babas is sleeping and all my plans of a busy day are scuppered because I feel absolutely rotten myself. We literally just went swimming this morning, had lunch which was just leftover pasta and pizza and watched the Saccone-Joly's on YouTube while munching it. Then, I was in two minds as to what to do, did I have the energy to complete a week food shop myself? As well as return Eva's library books? Or should I go on a big walk, hope the bubs sleeps and we enjoy some time at the park when we get there.

I got halfway to the park and realised I was shattered, felt sick, and just wanted my bed. So we went all the way back home, got Eva out of the pram and up to bed. By this point she's all excited, like whats going on, why is Mummy making a nest. So she proceeded to clamber all over me once I did lie down and was not interested in nursing in the slightest. I watched another YouTube video, this time ItsJudy'sLife but Eva was not interested in that either so I put her in her cot in her room, went back to my bed and put my ear plugs in. Thankfully, she didn't moan for too long and I think I managed a half hour. Eva is still asleep, which means its been around an hour and a half! Yesterday she took a 3 hr nap. Just unheard of!

So, I am just thankful that blogger is working again, and I plan on lots of new posts. When I can get them written. Wish me well, off to drink my ginger tea cos I feel like I am going to be sick. Mental hugs and love.

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