Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Autumn Fashion for the Frugal Nursing Mother

I presumed I would be able to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothing pretty much as soon as I had given birth, but this proved not to be the case especially as I had chosen to breastfeed. I had not even thought about what to wear at first, only that I wanted to learn how to comfortably breastfeed and get that in the bag first. I had no idea where to go to for advice and I simply wasn't willing to spend money on specific 'breastfeeding tops/dresses'.

Since I have been nursing for ten months now I thought I should share some of the tips I have learned along the way. This is definately fashion for the frugal breastfeeding mother. Don't go buying a whole new wardrobe if you don't have to cos its not worth only wearing these clothes for such a short period of time. Just use what you already have.

Just the simplest things like taking 5 minutes in a morning to put some make up on and brush your hair will make the biggest difference to your confidence.
staples for the breastfeeding mother


6 Top Nursing Fashion Tips.

1. Invest in a good nursing bra. This is so important for me because I am a 40G now, and was a 38FF pre-pregnancy, I just couldn't have managed to whip out my boobs in a normal bra anyway, though I know this works fine for some people. I found it really hard to find a good bra in my size but I got measured a couple of times by Mothercare and M&S and bought bras out of both. However the best bra in my opinion is the Emma Jane Nursing Bra.

2. Layer up on cami tops. A nursing staple. I found it much more comfortable feeding in public if I could lift up my top and get my boob out for feeding while still having a top underneath that so I didn't get cold (it was Winter) and I didn't have to expose my newly huge boobs. My fave is the H&M baggy top over a plain cami top to also cover up a saggy belly.

3. Any scarf you may own already. Don't buy extra if you don't have to, that's my motto. So easy to cover up on any exposed flesh with especially if youre new to the breastfeeding game. Example. H&M scarf.

4. A plaid shirt/ or any shirt which you can easily open up and get quick easy access to the goods. I also found it comforting to wear such casual clothing at this time. H&M denim shirt. I don't own this one so cant comment on style or fit but I own countless other similar branded items now and to be honest it doesn't even matter as long as you feel comfortable.

5. Wrap dress. I found it creating a waist and covered my postpartum flab while allowing easy access to the goods. I wore this with a cami top underneath so I could whip the boob from underneath the top and nobody was any the wiser about what I was upto. The baby could have been sleeping for all they knew. I liked this blog where I found many styles but the wrap dress (top right) was definately convenient for me.

6. A comfortable cardigan. My favourite last year was definately the Aztec print style blanket cardigan but I alas my budget didn't stretch that far. So I settled on a bargain one from Wallis, never in my life did I think I would shop there! haha, really nice actually. See this for similar styling.

Probably the most important thing to do,  taking 5 minutes in a morning to put some make up on and brush your hair will make the biggest difference to your confidence.

A surefire way to become a confident breastfeeding mother is to be relaxed in your style, demeanor and baby will be more relaxed to. You have to feed every couple of hours in the beginning so expecting not to have to feed in public is ridiculous. I remember being out shopping and Eva woke up crying and I was at a changing room and the shop assistant ushered me in to feed there. I did not want to feel like some kind of criminal and I didn't hide what I was doing, I went straight back out on that shop floor and fed my baby. No way should a baby have to breastfeed behind closed doors, especially when trying to make it the norm.

I found it so important just to keep things simple when it comes to fashion. Honestly the last thing on my mind was how I looked but you have to come to terms with your postpartum body and feel good about it. You had a baby, which not only changes your whole world but also your body. I am ten month post-partum now and honestly my body is no different from when we left the hospital with a new born. I am breastfeeding, enjoying my baby while she still is a baby and enjoying my family. I enjoy cooking great home cooked meals every day and I have found my new relaxed sense of style really suits me.


  1. This is such a great post, and so necessary. As you know, you have so much on your plate, and then on top of it you need to figure out nursing-friendly fashion! I'm glad you found my post useful and I know your post will be useful to many other new moms!

    1. Thanks so much Alison! TOTAL inspiration for us all xxx ;)