Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Hello, my name is Brigid and I

Hello, my name is Brigid and I ... actually am not feeling 100%

God, had the dreaded first PND counselling session today. Thankfully it wasn't too difficult and was really helpful for me. It's scary to admit you aren't coping as well as you would like. I found within two weeks I had to go to my GP and let it all out to her in a big ugly mess. She gave me anti-depressants that were safe while breastfeeding, but the thoughts and feelings continued never the less.

The lady I saw was really nice, her name was Jill. Eva came along with me and they had a creche facility I could safely leave her in. She really enjoyed all the new toys and 3 ladies fussing over her! She has had so much fun while her mummy had some necessary re-adjustment time.

Eva is feeling much better and is back to being a no naps baby. She got up late today at 8.30 and hasn't napped until now though I have tried. When she was sick all I had to do was lie her in the cot and her eyes would close and she was like one of those babies you see in films that just go to sleep. I thought babies like that didn't exist but obviously Eva is only going to be like that when she isn't feeling well and is utterly exhausted. Clearly standing up in the cot and turning her Hello Kitty projector on is much more fun than having a nap.

teeny tiny baby Eva
I hope she is going to sleep so we don't have a grumpy baby for the rest of the day. Clearly having any plans for the day is out of the window anyhow. I have to stay in for an organic veg box delivery and Eva's birthday present (lion recliner chair) are both due around 4-5pm.

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