Monday, 17 March 2014

15 Weeks Pregnant with Second Baby

My midwife friend brought round a Doppler for me to use for the rest of my pregnancy, we spent some time there getting baby to move while my other baby sleeps in her cot. I feel better about all of this now. I keep putting myself down for my feelings which is not helpful at all. I think allowing myself to post about our breastfeeding journey makes what is happening ok and not more negative than it needs to be or anything else than it is.

What I wanted to share today and put down in history for me to check back on later is my pregnancy journey so far.

I found out I was expecting on Friday the 27th, after my period didn't come when it was due to on Christmas Eve. I took another test a day later because I had a small bleed, nothing to worry about really as it wasn't a huge quantity, but enough to make me worry. Worry a lot, pretty much until my 12 week scan. Now the pregnancy came as a surprise because with Eva we tried for 5 years. This time it obviously took a lot less but my doctor had told me previously that once your body knows what its doing it will be easier to get pregnant again.
I took four tests, all were positive thankfully!

We had an early scan when I was 8 weeks pregnant which was a relief as according to the stats, meant that the pregnancy was 97% viable. They dated me at being due the 4th of September, which was exactly what I tracked it at from my last missed period, and my periods in general. I had so much pain either from implantation or god knows what. When I was 11weeks pregnant I called the EPU and they scanned me to make sure I wasn't miscarrying, it was nice to know that wasn't what was happening but they were still at a loss to the cause of my lower abdominal pain. I saw a gynaecologist who ruled out prolapsed uterus and gave me antibiotics to clear up any thrush that might be causing it. I do remember the sonographer had told me that I had a tilted uterus, but it wasn't until weeks later when I researched it further that I found this was 100% the cause for my pain!

My 12 week scan gave me a new due date of the 3rd of September, which was nice to be a day ahead and meant I could finally chill out from worrying and we could share the news with everyone. Oh so glad for that day.

So for now I am too shy to share bump pictures as I have a total mummy tummy from my last pregnancy and I think I am slower in forming a bump this time. My midwife friend said that some second time mums do find they get a bump later as their muscles have stretched from previous labours so means the womb stays in a lower position for longer, which is not nice as I am needing to pee so frequently as it is so please baby move up already! Anyone have experience of this?

As of this Wednesday I will be 16 weeks pregnant, which I am excited about as it means we can find the gender out if we want to. What do you think??
I'd like to hold off until the 20 week scan and if they can't find anything go for a private gender scan then. It really isn't far off at all as days fly by now with Eva here so I think I can manage!

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