Wednesday, 26 March 2014

17 Weeks Pregnant with Second Baby

Today I reach 17 weeks pregnant! This is the 2nd week of the 4th month.  I am so glad to have reached this milestone. Unfortunately, my mother in law suffered a miscarriage with her second child in her 16th week of pregnancy so I always worry it will happen to me. It may seem like paranoia to some but I see it as a pattern and it really does seem silly now as I write it but thank god its over and were here now.

Developments this week! 

I got a bump when I reached 16+3 days pregnant. I had felt some big round ligament pains that day and that night I looked in the mirror at this high bump. This is happening a little later than I had with Eva, maybe my pelvic cavity is bigger? Haha, I honestly do not know!

On Monday, Eva took a big jump on my lower abdomen and I have been feeling pains since then. They go away at times but come back. I don't blame her, though the thought did cross my mind and straight off I checked Dr. Google to see if this could cause miscarriage as bearing in mind I was sure this was going to happen this last week. Anyway baby bean is so well protected in there nothing could happen unless it accompanied bleeding or discharge, neither of which I have had. So I can only attribute the pains to the major growth that is happening in there right now.

We are all going on a trip to Silverstone race track in England this Friday. I bought Martin a voucher for his birthday last year and he has only now gotten round to getting it organised. We are staying on a working farm which I thought was great so Eva could see all the animals and we could go on walks there. I am so looking forward to it.

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