Tuesday, 13 March 2012

SEO - search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation is all about organic search engine listing. So when you add content to a webpage, update the meta tags in the header so they match the content.

So many companies out there offer search engine optimisation, as if they have some sort of secret that the rest of us dont know about and its not like that.

Its all about the links within your text, the content of the page, ensuring you add an 's' onto the end of some word's' for example in case the user at the other end puts in the 's' to find a whole lot of items containing that search term.

There is no point in stuffing keywords into meta tags that aren't relevant to your content, sure the user may click on to the page but will soon click away when they find they have been tricked into coming to the website.

These days SEO and pay per click go hand in hand. I detest pay per click. I always ignore those annoying boxes at the top of Google when I search for something because its never 100% relevant. Some marketing person has plucked it out of thin air and not thought of the consequences. However, if you do click on the page from that link - they get charged, and its an extortionate rate.

Social media is the new SEO. If people are talking about you then this increases the likeliness of people arriving on your website and increasing your ranking.

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