Friday, 9 March 2012

Terminology - Murder She Wrote Spoof - The Video Is Here

I have been working long and hard on this video project but it seems the sound quality will never get any better. No matter what ensure the audio is captured using an external microphone, something I never had and regret. The audio basically is crap and I am the first to admit it, so I doubt my work will be credited as 'outstanding' but it may pass - which is why I would love feedback if any knows how to help!

During filming, Helen changed the script as I had made a reference to an apple advert which she didn't want to claim was her copywriting. Which is fair. So what we have now is much more off the cuff. I hope you enjoy!

The point of the video is to highlight Helen Evans skills in the copywriting sector and ultimately be embedded into her website and be hosted through YouTube (and mine).

Other than the video I have been planning websites for a few new clients, which has been great fun as its something I really enjoy. Should hope to share this with you in the next few weeks too!

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