Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Working on Argyll Chalets

I am totally enjoying working on Argyll Chalets website! It feels so good to be putting my skills to use again, amongst the tiredness and other prego symptoms I think I am managing it all really well.

So far, I have worked on the advertising campaign and right now I am working on the revamp and rewriting some content with keywords.

       View of Loch Awe from lodges
I wanted to share some images of the site with you all to see how beautiful and picturesque the area truly is. I love it and I'm not just saying that because its my partners dads place. haha.
Loch Awe through the trees by Osprey Lodge
deer at top of hill
Monty on walkies
some Photography by www.digital-creativity.co.uk

some by Simon Reay.

Its a joy to be working on their website and improve their business and make it more appealing to the public, when I know how beautiful it is I just want to share it with you all.

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