Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Ok so maybe I haven't been that webby recently

Hey yo,very tired and couldn't get back to sleep when baby decided to wake up at 6 am and she's been at it ever since. I'm sure people will say its preparing you for motherhood but I would still prefer if she just chilled out sometimes.

I haven't been all that webby or trying to look for new freelance work at the moment since my baby is due in just over 7 weeks now! Could be 5 - 9 in reality! Man I cannot wait to have her here.

I have been creating a couple of different landing pages for Argyll Chalets and Apartment for all of the different UK holidays that we have, just reminding people we are here and open!

Some images Michele sent me of Argyll Chalets yesterday;

Argyll Chalets is having absolutely gorgeous warm weather at the moment and we are at the height of the fishing season in Scotland with Pike fishing season open all year round! Permit fishing from the banks of Argyll Chalets is included as well as the use of two rods.

I can't wait to go back but looks like it might not be until Winter - which is so picturesque and magical.

Creative Outlet

I have found ways to unleash my creativity though! 

Moo Nails!!

Stay Creative Guys!

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