Thursday, 20 September 2012

Social Media Changes

Hey, I have been catching up with a few changes of late and that has meant updating my twitter and facebook pages, and other social media,  to reflect the new look I am going for which, as you see, is also reflected in the blog.

I dont know if you guys know but Twitter changed its profile page layout so now the text you wrote about yourself kinda covers up most of the text in an image if you are using one behind the text, this text used to be below the little bit about you? Its hard to explain but I doubt many people will have really noticed a difference as most of us tend to use an old link by typing it in as a url and hitting enter, thats certainly the way I do it.

I dont know what you guys think about my new image? is the text pretty hard to read? As soon as I put it up I did think that but hoped it wouldn't matter to much, yet!

Take a look at the one I made for Argyll Chalets Twitter:

 I really like what this does for their brand but I may have to move the background so that it sits higher up or try using a mirror image of the one I am using for them so that the word Apartment isn't hidden.

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