Friday, 23 August 2013

Life Lately - Bye Bye Dream Feed

Hey! How you doing? I'm just sipping on some fresh coffee, much needed can I tell you! Had a total meltdown yesterday but today is much better. I took Eva to bookbug at the local library and we did some food shopping in Asda. They have a baby event on so I picked up some swim nappies in time for Eva starting swimming lessons at Splash Start on Monday. I had a voucher so only spent £1 on 12 swim nappies! Go frugal Mumma!

Loving this IKEA video of late, this song is stuck in my head 24/7.

My little contortionist friend Eva, only got up once last night at 1am which isn't too bad. If she could actually sleep all night that would be fabulous dear. I am planning on cutting out the dream feed tonight, which normally happens at 10-11pm. Hoping that goes well! The whole point of it is to fill Eva up so she doesn't wake so as thats not even working and possibly creating bad sleep habits anyway I want to cut it out. Eva was 10 months on Tuesday so I don't think she needs it anymore. Hope I'm right. :)

Border has fairly grown!

Happy Weekend Readers! Its my little sisters birthday tomorrow so we are off to my Mum's for some lunch and rainbow cake (yum!) and on sat evening I am going out (!) to a friends for dinner. Good Luck Martin! haha!

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