Thursday, 3 April 2014

My Birth Plan - I'm 18 Weeks Pregnant!

I am almost halfway through my pregnancy and the time has come to start thinking about how I want to give birth!

I started Lazy Daisy Birthing Classes this week and even after one session I feel so much more prepared for birthing. I tried hypnobirthing last time. Hypnobirth coupled with being induced and having pretty closed views of what I wanted for my birth made it pretty hard when my concentration was broken when I was having contractions.
From what I understand now, hypnobirthing is like meditation and when you have your concentration broken at all it can be extremely hard to get back in the zone.

With Lazy Daisy, birth is more about understanding the physiology and being in control of breathing to lower adrenaline and keep oxygen going to the most important muscle you use during birth - your uterus. When you get anxious and fear takes over adrenaline takes over and sends oxygen to the important fight or flight muscles and other body parts get tense. Its not a good way to be during labour that's for sure.

I have another 5 sessions of the birthing class to attend and I am so excited to learn more. We covered relaxed breathing exercises, positions, the actual physiology of the birthing process and why we want our endorphines on our side! Endorphines are many more times stronger than morphine!

My Relaxed Birthing Plan

Preferences for labour and the birth of my child.

  • Whom do I want with me during labour and birth? Martin Reay, if there are complications would like privacy to discuss anything. I do not want to be separated from my partner during labour or birth.
  • My environment for labour and birth? Privacy, quiet, relaxed music, my own food and drink, dim lighting, birthing ball,use of aromatherapy oils,
  • If everything is straightforward, how do I want my baby’s heartbeat to be measured during labour? At various intervals with a hand held Doppler.
  • How will I cope with pain? If everything is straight- forward I would like gas and air if I need it, do not offer me PAIN relief. We want a relaxed atmosphere, preferably in a birthing pool.
  • Vaginal examinations to assess progress of labour? Would like this to be limited and only if necessary, and not to be put into a position that can slow down labour or move baby from the birthing position.
  • How would I like to give birth? Plan A is in a birthing pool (if available in the labour ward), including delivery of placenta without injection if possible, I understand if I have to.
  • After my baby’s birth: Wwould like baby to stay with me and apgar to be measured in my arms so I can establish breastfeeding, I will clean baby up and want to be present for weighing etc.
  • Agree to give baby a vitamin k injection.
Other requirements
  • 12 hours after heparin injection.
If in established labour 12 hours after taking a heparin injection, I would like a water birth and I will ask for gas and air if I need it, please do not offer me anything other than suggestions for positioning.

If birth isn’t straightforward then I would agree to a spinal injection/epidural for any complications such as caesarean or forceps intervention etc etc.

  • Before 12 hours
If in established labour before 12 hours after taking a heparin injection, I understand I cannot have a water birth, but would like a similar relaxed environment, to be allowed use of a shower for the water to get me through labour or use of a gym ball, and to be free to move around, i.e. standing, squatting when giving birth.

If there are complications, I understand I need to be given a general anaesthetic.

  • Special requirements
If labour slows down, I’d like to be sent home.
I would like no time limits on labouring and prefer labour not to be augmented unless medically necessary.
I'd prefer not to have an episiotomy unless absolutely necessary.
I would prefer no IV unless absolutely necessary.
I would like to wait to breathe baby down until I feel the urge even if I am fully dilated. Also, do not want to be counted or told to push.
I would like to wait on cutting the umbilical cord until it stops pulsating, my partner might like to cut the cord.
I would like to be discharged as soon as possible.

The lazy daisy birthing class I joined is with Rosie in East Lothian and was £48.60 for 6 classes. This was with 10% off because I found her through Here is the link to her Facebook page too if you are interested in trying a class in your area. 



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