Monday, 16 April 2012

Building Your Brand With Youtube - More Customization??

I am sure everyone is now familiar with some of the more popular YouTube video brands out there and I was jealous of one of them the other day because they had an area before the Subscribe button where they had obviously further edited their account and had their logo!!
Anna Saccone YouTube Video
Anna Saccone YouTube Video

How To Get Access 

1. After further investigation I found I needed to join a special YouTube Partnership Program to qualify for this. 

1. a. Obviously first of all if you don't already have your own YouTube Account then you should sign up. To start off you can customize this further, I found a nice blog post that discussed how to edit the profile page.

Once you have edited the page and are happy with it, you should match this to your brand (first rule of marketing a brand - make it the same, ie logo's, background, font - everywhere)

Personally, I wanted to build my brand further and make people aware that the various animations and film's I had came from Cr8:v-design, (me) and people could identify the logo I already have.

2.  Getting to the exciting part of this blog post - How do I the edit the header on my YouTube then?  

You have to allow YouTube to advertise on at least one of your videos - to do this you need to go to Your Account and Enable Monetisation. 

The word from YouTube on monetisation - 

"Your account is not enabled for monetisation. Enabling your account allows you to monetise your videos.
Having at least one video approved for monetisation makes you a YouTube partner, which provides you with opportunities to improve your skills and build your audiences. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a YouTube partner.
Monetise videos by clicking the $ icon or by selecting "Monetise" from the Actions drop-down menu.
For more information, visit Monetisation in your Account Settings."

Allow Monetisation
allow monetisation
3. Connect to your Adsense account through YouTube or create an adsense account. This means if someone who's watching your video clicks on your advert then you get paid!
YouTube Payments
YouTube Payments

4. Then wait a week twiddling your thumbs so you can then edit the header and build your brand further and start earning some dosh too!
"Your AdSense Application has been submitted and is being reviewed. You will receive an email regarding the status of your application within about a week."

I am unsure if partnership means you can customize the header straight away or requires approval along with your adsense though because I literally did this today and I would love to know how everyone else gets on with this process too!

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