Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Something Other Than Web Design - Animation

Other than doing Web Design,Web Development, Web Management and Advertising all by creative design (cr8:v-design)

I have also just begun work on planning a new animation. It is for a final college assesment on animation, as I have now passed the theory (20/20). The animation must include the following;

  • produce a description of the animated sequence
  • produce a series of storyboards for an animated sequence
  • produce a 15 second animation
  • produce and modify at lease three vector graphics
  • use at least one non-vector graphic
  • include at least five layers
  • include at least two scenes
  • apply frame-by-frame animation techniques
  • apply motion tweening techniques
  • apply shape tweening techniques
  • add and animate an object along an animation path
  • add at least one sound file
  • save the final project in the format specified in the given brief

    The first steps in Animation Planning
    1) Idea

    2) Storyboard

    3) Character design

    4) Recording dialogue

    5) Backgrounds and Layout

    6) Keyframes and inbetweening

    7) Compositing

    8) Synchronising sound
    9) Delivery
    If anyone else is in a similar position of planning an animation then get in touch, I would love to share ideas. I have started writing a plan for the animation and will soon draw a storyboard and the character.
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