Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Why Its Important to Update Your Website Content?

Why its important to update your website content? 

To most people the answer may seem obvious. However for one reason or another they decide not to, this could be due to cost, or finding someone with the same ideals they have for their business.

What happens if you don't update your website?
The email address could have changed by this point, your telephone number, or opening hours. Your Google ranking will slowly start to go down as you dont update the content. Google indexes your content every 30 days, so to stay on top make sure you are engaging your audience and the Google bots

This means people could be missing out..

What you need is good, regularly updated content, your meta data needs to be in context with the page's content.
This means you should be using to ensure the content visible on the page to humans matches the content in the head, the hidden part that Google bots use to ensure you are indexed.Basically its how 'search engine friendly' your web pages really are.

If you dont update the site, people wont find you.

Bad practice

The dont's of website updating, this might not be so obvious again and in a few places I worked for this went on regularly. It was only when our content varied from the competition that we moved up the Google ranking and higher up on a natural search.

Directly copying content from another website. Even if its your own website or blog, change the content because you will lose out in the ranking stakes. Google will rank you the same or lower than the other page. Of course you are also breaching copyright!

Make sure your content is written in good English and by a content writer who has access to the key words people are using for in query searches.

How I can help.
If you're website hasn't been updated for a while and you are aware of a change in the business, the content really needs to be updated. 

If you need any help in getting your website indexed higher on Google then speak to me for a custom built package to help your site go up the Google ranks.

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