Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Change Of Plan

College finishes up next month guys. I'm already 17 weeks prego so by then will be around 22 weeks gone and there will be no hiding this baby. It's been totally worrying me non-stop as to what to do and the hormones especially were not helping.

But now I think I have the beginning of a plan. I will try to find some agency design work, once I have completed a website re-design I planned to do from the beginning of July. Then I will work until Mid-September if I can or if baby decides not to come along any earlier.

At least with my qualification I will be able to work from home now and when baby comes. I have a feeling I will miss having colleagues and working in an office, the daily getting up, dressing nice, the journey in. Ahh well.

If any creative minds are in the same place as me get in touch, as I could definitely use the company (even if its only through Skype) in the future.

Ohh the most exciting part! I am going to decorate! I am going to do our bedroom, where baby will be living for a long time, and our living room! Picked out the most gorgeous wallpaper to do a feature wall for above my fireplace! man its so exciting to be planning something like this, and do it while I'm still able to get on a ladder.

Oooh! Jeez this really is prego brain fogi to the max! My poor partner Martin is being made redundant next month as well, so we plan to take a weeks holiday to Ireland before he (hopefully) begins a new position. We both need some time together, to stop worrying about money and what we are going to do, our lives are in major, major upheaval and I (although I usually say we) have been really emotional.

Positive thoughts for the future now though because it is on!

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