Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Second Sick Day With the Babe

Feeling a little sorry for myself today. Eva on the other hand is feeling perkier, thankfully. The poor babe woke yesterday with a low grade fever and bulging gums. Not one but TWO molars breaking through - who said molars were easier? Yesterday she spent most of the day napping, something she never does and makes a huge hooha about doing. I should have known last night would be rough too. It was. Martin was relegated to the couch with the cat, and me and Eva snuggled on the mattress in the floor, nursing on and off, her getting more sleep than I did. At 7 AM the neighbours went to work and their dog started barking and yowling same as yesterday. Not sure if I should say anything, Martin thinks it might just start things.

13 days till Eva is 1! Also 13 days till I am 27, but Eva's birthday is what counts here. We are having a few members of our families over on the Sunday before Eva's birthday and my sister is baking some cakes, one for a cake smash for Eva to enjoy and us to photograph. The other for eating!

I have been going pumpkin crazy, making everything with pumpkins you can possibly imagine. We traveled an hour and a half to go to a fruit farm in Fife so I could get a white pumpkin - a Ghost Rider. I hear it has red flesh and is very sweet, so that will be fun to cook with when I finish cooking with the orange ones. Today we will be having pumpkin and goats cheese puff pastry parcels and pumpkin and coconut milk soup.

Hopefully tomorrow the babe and I feel well rested enough to head out for some supplies (and more pumpkins?? I heard LIDL has some in now) and maybe a trip to the park. Praying we are ok so at least by Thursday we can get to our group which we have missed for 3 weeks! Terrible isn't it!

Signing off to go hang out washing, its blowing a gale out so should definitely get dry.

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I hope you both feel better soon so you both can have a very Happy Birthday!
    Lots of Hugs,