Thursday, 8 May 2014

Pregnancy Tag 23 Weeks and GENDER REVEAL!

So many of my favourite bloggers are pregnant right now or have had their babies recently. Anna Saccone from the SacconeJolys vlog had her son Eduardo a month ago already, Judy from ItsJudy'sLife has 6 week old twin girls,  Barefoot Blonde is due soon, Maskcara, and the daybook blog is due in September like me :) . Having just read Maskcara's blog post on her pregnancy I thought it was high time I joined in the fun too.

How far along are you? 23 weeks and one day today!

How did you find out? My period was due on Christmas Eve, I thought it was just a little late and didn't take a test until boxing day, I couldn't be this lucky to fall pregnant so quickly could I?! Felt bad for having had drinks over the few days before I found out, but it was Christmas!

Morning sickness? Nope and didn't with Eva, though had some car nausea which I don't normally have in the first trimester this time and if I got hungry I'd feel sick if I didn't eat straight away.

Are you finding out the sex?! We have and we're expecting another girl! So excited and happy to have another girly, and I am sure in time Eva will be best friends with her little sister Isla. One of the best parts is reusing all the girly clothes that Eva wore literally a handful of times and thankfully baby girl is due in the Autumn so hopefully all the seasonal clothes we had for Eva can be reused.

Mood changes? In the first trimester I was a lot moodier and more tearful, crying watching Disney movies, and ice skating on the Olympics. I think I feel a bit more organised in myself now I am past 20 weeks things are a bit better. (?) Starting to get over the easy period of being pregnant though and getting more tired again so be prepared for more mood swings than before!

Cravings? I like meat so much right now, Parma ham or prosciutto ham. I don't have any real cravings as such other than for chocolate. I had a bar of green and blacks organic milk chocolate on Tuesday and I was looking out for it today but couldn't find it. Also, I used to love an Ovaltine hot chocolate in the evenings, now I am pregnant I don't want it at all having a cup of herbal tea mainly chamomile instead. I loved Ovaltine in my pregnancy with Eva having a couple of cups a day, and continued on from that since then even having one when it was 28c outside in the Summer last year.

Other symptoms? Lots of movement, since 12 weeks. Its one of the best parts of pregnancy. I have noticed slight swelling of my hands lately but if I drink more water I'm fine. I got leg cramp for the first time the other night, itchy stretch marks from pregnancy with Eva, SPD but nowhere near as bad as before. Thankfully I am taking all the right precautions and saw a great physio who taught me how to fix myself. I also have super clear skin which is nice and am getting really restless sleep at night lately. Roll on the 3rd trimester for more of that. Haha!

Excited for!? Getting all the little clothes washed and put away into drawers neat and tidy but as of this moment aren't bought, yet! Seeing Eva's face when we get to take the baby home because she LOVES babies and is such a great helper lately.

Nursery? Baby will be in with us for 6 months at least in a sidecar cot, which I actually have already! Then sharing a room with Eva. Eva slept through from 6 weeks old but at 6 months when we started weaning had a blip of a few months waking once or twice. Which is understandable because we were getting her calorie intake right so lets hope her sister is the same way.

Any Pregnancy MUST HAVES? Maternity jeans and leggings, ankle socks for swollen feet, Palmers cocoa butter twice a day at least for belly and hip stretch marks, pregnancy belly bar, regular massages or osteopath/physio appointments for SPD, getting enough sleep and enjoying pregnancy!

I'd love to hear from any other pregnant ladies, I always love reading other people's blogs and remember to tag me too!

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