Friday, 30 May 2014

26 Weeks Pregnant with Baby Number 2!

My bad, actually 25 + 3 here!

26 weeks pregnant with Eva

How far along? 26 weeks and 2 days!

Total weight gain/measurements: No idea, no point keeping track of my baby weight gain. I still fit into my regular size 16 maternity clothes.

Maternity clothes: all the time, though still wearing normal leggings occasionally, they do slide down though!

Stretch marks: My old ones are really itchy, I'm using Palmers Cocoa Butter at least twice a day on my stomach and hips, boobs if I remember too. A few days ago, I noticed a nice new blue slight vein on my stomach. I don't remember having that the last time?
Sleep: OK, getting up at least once a night with Isla waking up and kicking my bladder sending me for a trip to the loo. Luckily, Martin and I swapped sides of the bed so I am closer to our bedroom door. Which is also good because we plan to sidecar our cot and his side had the most space ;)
Best moment this week: Martin got an A in his final exam for his HNC in mechanical engineering. I am so proud! Then, that night he picked up a pre-owned estate car, very much needed for the double buggy and loads more space for shopping too!

Just yesterday, I received part of the baby gift to give to Eva from Isla, and for Isla from Eva. I still plan to get Eva a big sister tote bag and fill it with goodies from her little sister for when she is born so Eva doesn't feel left out, and she can give her little sister some gifts too.
This was a total bargain as some of the 'big sister' tops I have seen are quite expensive. 
Eva's 'big sister' top is age 2-3 and cost £5. 
Isla's 'I love my big sister' bodysuit is 0-3month and was £5! 

Miss anything? Not really, I love being pregnant. I am gutted that my bumpfit aquanatal class wasn't on on Monday, as the lady who runs it has fractured her elbow. Get well Fiona!

Movement: Loads, whenever I relax. I try to relax often during the day so baby gets a chance to wake then and not at night. In my hypnobirthing book it mentions when you are relaxed baby has more opportunity to move about.

Food cravings: Its terrible, I want to eat junk food like chocolate all the time. I normally never but it and still don't if I'm out but  at least a few times a week I am indulging. My last fave was Green and Black Organic Milk Chocolate.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.

Gender: Girl.

Labour signs: None.
Symptoms: Stretch marks, occasional heartburn if I eat spicy food or citrus, slight back ache at times, swollen ankles and hands, tiredness, dry eyes (can't really wear contacts :( ) 

Belly button in or out? In, doubt it will pop. 
Wedding rings on or off? off, fat, swollen fingers lol!
Happy or moody most of the time: Generally happy, though I feel I am nesting lately so things are making me more emotional because their not done. 
Looking forward to: Cinema this evening with Martin to see Edge of Tomorrow while my Mum babysits Eva. Then off to Polkemmot park with my Mum and Eva tomorrow which will be lovely as its meant to be 17c, and trust me that's hot enough for a pregnant lady! 
Also meeting with some lovely Doula ladies next week to support me in my birth, more on that soon!

What are your plans for the weekend? I would love to read some other blogs too so please share any that you have. 


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