Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Summer Wish List

With the days hotting up there's nothing else for it but to embrace each day fully as the last Summer when Eva is the only one. I plan to do lots of things with her and make this Summer the most fun it can possibly be! As I sit here with a cup of chamomile tea while its pouring rain outside, its nice to look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

1.Bubbles! Lots of bubble fun outside, Eva has a giant bubble wand and her bubble machine which I am all sure will make regular appearances. I have found some fab bubble recipes pinned on my Pinterest board.
2. Beach trip. 
3. Go to Blair Drummond Safari Park.
4. Camping trip, by a Loch somewhere nice in Scotland, if not then our back garden will do!
5. Host a BBQ.
6. Have a picnic.
7. Get a sandpit shell for Eva, use the lid for water! I had this as a child and think Eva will love it too.
8. See if our library has a Summer reading program/ initiative (Eva has a bit of favouritism going on with her own books at the moment so we rarely read the library books, as I usually get told 'No.')

Do you have any other ideas to make Summer fresh and exciting? What do you plan to do?

Its such a shame all the toddler groups we go to finish up for the School holidays so we are pretty limited in where we go to most days so we will have to make sure and arrange lots of nice things to do from the list above, instead.

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