Monday, 19 May 2014

Platinum Freshly Picked Moccasins Review

I have adored Freshly Picked Moccasins since I first became aware of them, it was maybe slightly unholy lust if I'm honest but what do they say... put the thoughts into the universe for what you want in your life and you will receive?? Well its certainly true, I adore these little soft soled shoes like no other. I am a shoe fiend anyway especially now I have a child and I think these babies go great with any outfit. The feeling has really rubbed off on Eva as well because whenever we go anywhere or see someone she hasn't seen for a while she will point at her feet and say 'oh, NICE shoes!' She certainly loves them as much as I do.

As you can see from the pictures we chose Platinum Gold Freshly Picked Moccasins in a size 5. We measured her feet using the sizing guide on the website and as she was between a 4 and a 5 picked those, and thankfully we did because she had a huge growth spurt and was only in between the sizes for maybe three weeks. I am also currently loving Heirloom Limited Edition Moccasins as they have gold spots on them and Eva's favourite shape was a 'ball' aka circles and I think she would have loved these too.

Pictures taken from FP's website, don't they look beautiful!?!

 It was the most amazing day when I got the little card through the post from Royal Mail saying we had to pay shipping of £14.95 and go to our local delivery office between some really funny opening hours. Anyway, it was turning out to be the most magical day with blossom from the trees blowing in the wind, I knew but could only anticipate as to what was waiting for us.
We arrived early and waited on the delivery office opening, as soon as we'd got the package I got us back into the car and holy Mary mother of god, it was the Moccasins! We had to rush for an appointment so these are the pictures I snapped really quickly of Eva. Don't think she appreciated me twisting her round from my position in the front to get these on her feet!


As you can see the shoes are made really well and are hand stitched in the US by Freshly Picked. I follow them on Instagram and love seeing what an honest company it really is. They are elasticated at the front so you open the shoe up this way and slide onto your babes feet. Eva really liked wearing these soft soled shoes and I let her put them through their paces, I got her to wear them out when I was hanging washing out in the morning so there was still dew on the lawn in places and surprisingly they were still dry on the inside afterwards apart from the tiniest spot on the heel (middle picture). Not too bad, especially in this Scottish climate, even in May it still averages about 11c in the morning.

When we first got the shoes Eva was in between a 4 and a 5, we did get her Clarks trainers too but she kept taking them off and within three weeks it was clear it was probably because they were actually too small. All the while the mox were still being worn with no problem, having a bit of room in them is ideally what you want anyway so their little toes have room to move and develope, so I was really happy we had these.

Eva runs about all day in these shoes with no problem at all, they give her that little bit of traction that she needs on our laminate floors while looking very stylish all day every day. I have so many good things to say about these shoes and most of all I am glad they fit so well and will last a while longer than her walking shoes, I feel like we have spent so much on shoes for her lately its not even real. Thankfully these shoes mould to your child's feet and they feel more comfortable every time they go on, I love that we can look at the sole of the shoe to see what side goes on what foot, its the cutest thing.


Unfortunately the price tag on these guys is a bit off putting, especially with Eva lately going through shoe sizes so quickly, plus shipping from the US to the UK took a little longer than a week to get to us, plus the import tax on top. Thankfully, we were gifted these to review by Freshly Picked and I am so very glad we have them. Its like the best shoe and we are in shoe heaven because of them. I cannot get over how amazing that fact is.

Saying that though, they are worth the price in every way. Initially after receiving them, I did compare them an awful lot to some other brands of moccasins we have tried. We have also owned Amy & Ivor moccasins in a few sizes now but they don't quite do the same colours and are very differently made, probably because they are different leathers but thats just me speculating, I don't actually know.

We have also had several pairs of Bobux shoes and I have to say comparing soft soled Freshly Picked Moccasins with Bobux soft soled shoes, they are probably on par for quality and durability. However, I only remember there being one type of baby moccasin from them which we wore to death and because they were brown suede got filthy and minging when Eva was smaller. Don't think I'll be getting suede again!

All that being said, there is certainly something about taking that splurge and owning a pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins. I rarely bother spending money on myself now, its all about my child and growing baby bump. I am not a working mum though so can't often afford to buy the best for my babies but end up somehow doing so anyway. I'll be eagerly following Freshly Picked on Instagram for any upcoming sales as I totally want to get Eva a pair of Heirloom Moccasins in a size 6, so Universe, I hope you're listening because I know they are limited edition but its worth putting it out there.

Stunning Moccasins!!!

Eva will be wearing her Platinum mox to death that's for sure, and with every single outfit she owns this Summer, check out my Instagram feed for our latest escapades!

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