Monday, 30 June 2014

Benefits of Hiring a Doula

I am so excited and thankful to be working with a doula for this pregnancy. Kirsty came recommended and offered her services to us and for that alone I am so grateful. She has been a huge support these last few weeks of pregnancy alone. She came with me to my antenatal appointment and helped support me with the OB in the conversation I was dreading having with them. We have decided to have a homebirth and this Thursday my local midwives are coming to book the 'home delivery', I am hoping Kirsty can make it along for this too.

Benefits of Hiring a Doula

Having a doula support me in pregnancy means having a silent advocate I can rely on right now. She knows so many useful things which means for my homebirth I can rely on her to support me and allow Martin to be himself and mind Eva if that situation arises, you never know. I may give birth during the night and she could miss it all!

Right now, Martin and I are getting to know Kirsty and have met with her a few times. Martin can't wait to have her here to invite baby number 2 into the world. We plan to create a loving nest for me to labour in, and that's what I am most looking forward to. I hope to labour naturally and if needs be of course I will go to hospital and be treated there, however I think its important to think positively and aim for the outcome we want rather than focus on the whatif's or couldbe's.

Kirsty knows massage and runs infant massage classes, she has done her degree as a complementary therapist. She is a mum of two boys already so I know she understands the birthing experience. I certainly think we are on the same wavelength and she understands my needs in a way I couldn't even articulate.

Kirsty's blog post explaining more on what a doula is can be found on her infant massage website. I just love that I only had to put the thought out into the universe of my needs for a doula and she appeared. I am just so grateful!

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