Thursday, 5 June 2014

Prego Styling - Mamagama Pregnancy Clothing

Being pregnant and styling can be hard work, especially when it comes to the third trimester you're left wondering, how did that top suffice up until now?! I own several of these kind of tops, and it pains me to say that at 27 weeks pregnant they no longer cover the belly! I could really do with investing in some new nursing bra's right now. The last time I got measured, it was that very weekend they grew and the bras were useless. Typical.

Anyway, I'm not maternity bra shopping.

 I recently entered a giveaway on Pregnant Chicken for a pink beachball maternity t- shirt. I'm gutted to say I didn't win, though I'm now looking at the rest of the range and laughing out loud. These tops are hysterically funny, and when you're moody and tired and hormones are going crazy, then this is the kind of top you want to see yourself wearing when you look in the mirror.

Neon Pink Mamagama Beachball Top

Neon Pink Beachball top $29 aprox £17.28

I love that these Mamagama tops are organic, and most of all that they are fun! I hate all these dresses and things that make you look even more like a beached whale, honestly who thought that was a good idea?

Say No To Condoms Mamagama Top
Say NO to condoms top $35 aprox £20.85

Not Like A Virgin Mamagama Top

Not like a virgin top $35 aprox £20.85.

Do you own any other fun maternity clothing that I should check out? I am seriously thinking of buying that Pink beachball top, its just so me, and I am feeling particularly whimsical in my extreme tiredness today and that t-shirt is just what I need to reflect my mood. AND its free international delivery, whats to resist?

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