Monday, 16 June 2014

Possible Ban on Placenta Encapsulation By FSA - Help Save Placenta Services!!

I was outraged to learn that the European FSA are re-classifying placenta as a 'novel food', putting it into the same category as cloned animals and GM foods.

Novel food is defined as being;

'A type of food that does not have a significant history of consumption or is produced by a method that has not previously been used for food.' According to the FSA


On 11th June 2014, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) classed human placenta as a novel food under EU Council Regulation (EC) 258/97.  

"The Agency is not aware of any evidence for a history of consumption of such products anywhere in the EU before May 1997 and we are therefore minded to view them to be novel foods, which cannot legally be sold until they have been formally authorised.  Any operator who wishes to market foods containing human placenta in the EU will need to apply for an authorisation under Regulation (EC) 258/97.  Such an authorisation would require the submission of a dossier to one of the 28 EU Member States, demonstrating that the ingredient (a) does not present a risk to the consumer; (b) does not mislead the consumer; and (c) is not nutritionally disadvantageous compared with other foods that it might replace in the diet. 

Under Regulation 258/97, a novel food or ingredient is defined as one that was not consumed to a significant degree in the European Community before 15 May 1997.  Novel foods and food ingredients may only be marketed if they have been evaluated and authorised under the procedures defined in the regulation.  Human placenta and products derived from human placenta have not been authorised under this regulation."  
FSA Dr Manisha Upadhyay  Novel Foods Unit, Food Safety Policy view full letter from FSA

Look at the history books FSA! Human placenta has been recorded as being consumed since history began. Humans are the only mammals on the planet who do not regularly consume their placenta but that doesn't mean a woman's right to consumer her placenta should be taken away like this.

I had planned to have my placenta encapsulated by an IPEN specialist once I'd given birth, but it looks like as if she will be breaking the law by doing so.

I had a horrible time following the birth of my daughter in 2012 and really wanted the benefits of placenta consumption to try and help in any small way.

Help SAVE Placenta encapsulation services being banned by FSA
Help SAVE Placenta encapsulation services being banned by FSA

Please sign this petition by IPEN to help save placenta services.

You can do so here.

I wrote;

I want to have my placenta encapsulated because its a part of my body and i want the right to do what i want with it. Placenta regulates your hormones for 9 months and it takes your brain a full 6-8 weeks to take over that function properly so i need to be able to have my placenta encapsulated so i can take my placenta and regulate my hormones until my body takes over that job again.

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