Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Final Animation College Assesment

Some time ago I blogged about the final animation I was working on, and at the time we had only just been given the assignment so I did completely forget about it until the graded unit exam was over. It is now, so unfortunately having to start back on probably my least favourite part of the whole course. 

Funny isn't it, I thought I would love creating animations but to be honest, I find I am probably that bit better at SQL code. Code in general is pretty hard but the more you learn the easier it gets and now I have no problem reading a line of this stuff and understanding it! Which is cool for me, but probably a tad bit geeky! 

Anyhooha, my animation.....

IS GOING TO BE.. based on pikachu (p.s the links an easy way to draw him!) YAY! >.<

Drum roll.... 

Well first of I should probably state what the animation must include, and by the way this thing is no where near ready, I was just hoping to hear what people think about it?

So it must include;

produce a description of the animated sequence
produce a series of storyboards for an animated sequence
produce a 15 second animation produce and modify at lease three vector graphics
use at least one non-vector graphic
include at least five layers
include at least two scenes
apply frame-by-frame animation techniques
apply motion tweening techniques
apply shape tweening techniques
add and animate an object along an animation path
add at least one sound file
save the final project in the format specified in the given brief

And HERE is what I have!

My Animation Video

I am hoping I can pass this unit eventually but as I may have mentioned I am prego and 17 weeks now and to be honest I want to get out there and work now to save some money for the wee one coming, of course I will carry on with it though cos this baby's mummy isn't a dropout!

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