Sunday, 26 February 2012

Filming this week!

Hi sorry I havent been blogging the last few days but I had builders banging away next door and couldnt get anything done so I tended to stay away from the PC. I also need a wired keyboard, I have had nothing but trouble with this wireless thing since the moment I got it, and I'm on the second one already!

Today being Sunday though, I have finally been able to sit down and get some peace without the builders, but keyboard is being a pain.

So, next Friday I am due to film the Murder she wrote spoof for my clients website Helen Evans, and her website will be up and running fully functional by the end of March. (Read the treatment - here. )

I also have the most beautiful typewriter, that my friend remembered she had, and also then got a call to say that someone else had one in response to an ad I placed!  Typical!

Here is the typewriter -

imperial 200 typewriter

I am so looking forward to filming, I worked so hard  on my script and theme so I am sure its gonna be a huge hit!

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