Monday, 20 February 2012

Flash Animation - Reverse Animations!

I'm not yet at the stage of Pixar animations but, I have been playing around with it as its another unit I have to cover for HNC Interactive Media.

I have created a short cartoon - where it looks like I'm drawing the cartoon from scratch! (if only)

1. I took a line drawing from Google
2.In Adobe Flash I went to File - Import - Import to stage
3. With arrow tool selected I went to Modify - Break Apart
4. Now using rubber tool rub out small part of image
5. F6 key on keyboard to add new key frame each time
6. Rub out entire image ( had lots of frames at this stage)
7. Using arrow tool select first key frame, hold shift and last key frame to select all frames
8. Right click on last key frame and select reverse frames!
9. Change the FPS (frame per second) to 12- below timeline
10. Select window - actions or f9 - then enter stop ();
11. Export to avi file!

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