Friday, 9 August 2013

A bedroom makeover

Since we moved into our two bedroom house its been all systems go with redecorating and one area that has been sadly neglected is our bedroom. The room is currently a plain magnolia which we didn't even paint and with the furniture being moved around etc the paint looks really shabby and scuffed. I plan to change that as soon as possible.

In March I saw a gorgeous forest feature wall on a friend's facebook post. The effect looked amazing, really tranquil and relaxing. Just what I need in my bedroom as I find it so hard to unwind as it is and usually when I get to bed my minds racing over the millions of things that need to be done, I'm an eternal list maker even at night.

The amazing feature wall I saw on a friends post.

I searched high and low for the exact same mural and I eventually found it when I began looking at paint colours the other day. Its on amazon now for around £40 posted!

on Amazon
Here it is again paired with green paint but I already have similar coloured green curtains so I thought blue might be a nice pairing.

dark blue colour swatches

pale blue colour swatches
pistachio green
I love love love the mint macaroon personally but would it go with the mural?

Anyhoo, the bubs is sleeping right now, darn I spoke to soon just heard a peep. Let me know your thoughts!

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