Thursday, 8 August 2013

PooPoo's on the Potty - Elimination Communication

I really want to keep on writing as its honestly such a relief to get things off my mind so I can properly focus.
Here goes.

On the subject of potty training we have been practicing elimination communication since before Eva started solids. I think at around five months old I'd had enough of poo's. Eva used to go on a Monday cos she's breastfed there really wasn't much waste to come out but it sure was runny! Yuck. So I decided to look into potty training and found that all over the world people don't even use nappies on their babies. Why we teach a child to defecate themselves anyway is beyond me but we do. I suppose its a bit unimaginable but it happens in some countries still, where you literally put the infant in a squatting position and they make potty wherever. Its surprising because I am sure most people would think a baby wouldn't have such control over their bodies, but they do. Thats why when you take a newborns nappy off they pee and poo then, because its the fresh air that sets it off. We just teach them to go in the nappy. It really is more comfortable to defecate in a squatting position.

The pictures!

1st poo @ 5 months (before solids were introduced)

bottom right - before solids, bottom left and top after solids were introduced @ 6 months.

Anyway, Eva is doing really well, and holds off to go potty now. She goes after a nap, after a milk feed and solids. She still wears a nappy if we go out and in the house but we do try and catch it 80% of the time.
multi tasking on the potty

nakey nakey baby!

 Sorry for the poo pictures, but they had to be taken and shared! Sorry Eva if you are reading this years later, mummy loves you! I am just so amazed at the development and marvel in her everyday. I can't believe she is 9 months already!

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