Friday, 16 August 2013

The Latest and Some DIY's - Let Them Paint

Hi ya'll!
The bubas is finally asleep, Martin's away to meet some of his car friends so I can get some peace and quiet to end my day. Poor Eva had diarrhea today, think it was from the peaches she had for dessert yesterday and she tried Kiwi for the first time yesterday too. Never ending having a little one. I nursed her maybe about 20 times last night and she eventually fell asleep at 5.50 am!

Anyhoo, last weekend Eva got a chance to experience paint for the first time! I made my own finger paint which was supposed to be safe for kids. (recipe here) I found the idea on this blog post. I have so many things lined up to do with Eva and its so great now shes a bit more interactive!

original recipe

Literally the project is - Put tape on canvas, let them finger paint, remove the tape! Meant mummy could be arty as well!

 I do recommend the use of a shower curtain and stripping your baby before letting them loose with the paint, luckily we were quick and Eva didn't leave her designated space and we had the sink lined up to get her cleaned afterwards. Wonder which she found the most fun?

 Finally there it is, and I think Eva will be just as proud of her work as I am. The recipe turned out a bit lumpy but I was feeling impatient and went with it. To be honest it really adds to the effect.
What have you been up to lately? I have lots more projects to share, but right now I am going to put my feet up with some Oreos and a hot chocolate! Ooh Friday nights as a Mum eh!

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