Friday, 2 August 2013

DIY Pink Braid Glitz Tee

 I am an absolute hoarder of anything pretty and always keep ribbons and bows and such like from presents I receive. I have devoted a whole box to them and even keep old wrapping paper, or anything else I am a fan of.
Well, I have a lot of time on my hands when breastfeeding Eva to sleep at night or for naps and I do spend an awful lot of time on Pinterest. Here is what I found.
I was in love with this top and had to recreate the detailling which is just so precious!
Eva is only in 9-12 month clothes and some 12-18 months are starting to fit now but I am obsessed with her wardrobe and love the fact that she grows out of things so fast, cos it means I can buy her even more and change her look far more often than I can change my own (shallow I know but its not what I'm all about, keep reading I will prove I'm multi-faceted)

Anyhoo I read a couple of tutorials on how to do braids using ribbons (link here) and a couple of tutorials on how to make ribbon flowers (link here)

In the end I made the braid by starting it as if I was doing my own hair, except I pinned it onto an old piece of cardboard and as I made the braid I glued it down and stuck pins in it to keep it down. I let this dry and worked on some tiny ribbon flowers. Once this was all dry I took the pins out of the braid and was left with tiny holes, which I thought I could cover with the diamantes I had saved. Then I simply stuck on a couple of the flowers and stuck it on the top! Tada!


Unfortunately as I said before baby Eva won't be wearing this one for a little while yet as she's only around the 21lb mark and in 9-12 month clothing. Since she started moving around her weight gain is much slower than before, which I don't mind because clothes last much longer than before and she's already a big weight to carry around.
Thanks for reading!

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