Monday, 19 August 2013

Bit of baby love

Had no sleep lately, absolutely shattered with Eva still waking up 10 times at night, just for me to nurse her and put her down. So all plans of going to breastfeeding support group have gone right out the window. Motivation = 0.
Its almost time to start cooking dinner, making a yummy cottage pie tonight with some mince from the butchers.
Eva is finally napping! She definitely needed it!

Having a bit of time to reminisce and think about what life was like before Eva. I almost can't remember what I did with my time??

Old Pictures

Baby Brigid and matchy matchy Mum!

With Bruno the dog, I'm a clog wearing little dutch girl

clog wearing tomboy cat carrying kid!
 Oh yea, up until age 8 I lived in Holland. I was born there and my dad's dutch. His name's Arjen in case you're wondering. Clogs were the footwear of choice for some reason, I can't imagine wood being too comfy now though! Isn't my Mum gorgeous?? She was possibly around 29 here, 3 years older than I am now.

me age 17/18 and my sister Annie

me age 19, just a normal night out for me!

Age 19 I had just met Martin and I was still a wild tearaway, he certainly tamed me and set me on the right path.
Portugal 2011

Lanzarote 2011

 2011 was the year I was made redundant after almost 3 years in a job I thought I would be in for life. But this is how it goes and I thought this was a good opportunity to begin college and do Interactive Media.
October 13th 2012!
One week to go before I was due, Martin and I were doing walks out everywhere to try and induce labour, I had no idea what I was in for. Truly I saw things in such a romantic view, I was so unprepared for what was going to happen. Even in labour I was treating it like a holiday, reading Game of Thrones in between contractions, I haven't had the time to read anything since!
1 day old bubas both still in hospital

 That first night I co-slept with Eva, nobody said anything about it but I was itching to leave, I was made to stay in for 3 days! I didn't sleep, was so exhausted and emotionally drained ( still am ) and my whole life had turned upside down. I was so protective of this little baby, I didn't think love would feel like this! I could only let Martin hold her, couldn't let friends come to the hospital, and I cried if midwives or anyone tried to hold her. This was overwhelming! I was this baby's mummy and nobody was getting near!

watching YouTube Videos on my phone
Eva and I still watch YouTube everyday at lunchtime if were at home. We catch up on our Saccone-Joly's, The Scheurman show, and more recently ItsJudy'sLife as well. We mainly watch the Saccone's as I began reading Anna Saccone's blog when I was pregnant.

The Spy

 When Eva was very little, a surefire way to get her to stop crying was to make her 'fly'. Put her horizontal and fly her around the room. She would then creep round corners and become the Spy! Think Pink Panther themetune.
My mum and Eva

Eva and I at Yo Sushi!
 Hope you have enjoyed my pictures. Monday is nearly at a close and I should think about doing dinner now, life as a mum never stops huh!

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