Thursday, 1 August 2013

Motherhood - A Change in Creativity

Since becoming a new mama I find my creativity has spilled into new areas of my life. Instead of being work oriented I am a loving mama to 9 month old Eva, and she is my number one priority in life now.

Just home from hospital
I don't know if I can still be so full on passionate about web design anymore as I am so happy being a mummy to my sweet angel. Becoming a mum has changed me, I have adopted a slower, easier pace of life just so I can enjoy every moment with my little one. I cannot believe the time has flown by so fast already as it seems like minutes ago she was only just born and the weather was getting colder. Now we have moved into our new house, which is a big adjustment, and are coping with the hot Summer we are having here for a change! (A very nice change I might add)
Mumma and Bubas

I'm often asked 'What's next? Are you going back to college, or work?' I ponder this quite often but what is so wrong with enjoying being a mum? I always wanted this more than anything in the whole world. Way over getting qualifications or traveling and earning lots of money. I have found new happiness in being a mother and just being a mother. I enjoy cooking from scratch everyday, making a home for my family and playing with this wonderful sweet child I created with my partner. Thankfully Martin is supportive as he also feels its right for Eva to have a stay at home Mum, and perhaps in time have a little brother or sister too!

I would like to start blogging again at least but this blog may be very different outlet for me than what it was before.

Thanks for reading and hopefully I can muster up the courage to continue writing more.

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