Thursday, 15 August 2013

Then and Now

Oh my god my baby girl is growing up too fast! I was looking at pictures last night and decided to do a couple of comparison pics. She's been a no napper the last couple of days but decided to have one today which is good as we are off to granny's to make pillow case dresses! more on that later!
3 days old and 8 months old on the right

2 weeks old and 8 months old

4 months old and 9 months old

2 days old and 7 months old

3 months old and 9 months old
Eva, you are changing everyday and growing so much. You are our miracle baby, truly a blessing to have around everyday and I feel honoured to have you as my daughter. Cannot believe you are almost 10 months (next week!) old. WOW!

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  1. Is the red dress with flowers from 'Next'? Willow has it too :) Lovely pics!

  2. thank u! :) think it's primark? Not sure as it was a gift from my auntie in Ireland. xx